Professional experiences

2024 – Motion Software Suite developementCollaborating with Riccardo Sellan and Pierpaolo Ovarini to develop a new software tool for intuitive sound object spatialization within the d&b workflow. The project includes educational activities involving d&b Soundscape with young composers and sound designers from the Conservatories of Padua and Venice, IUAV University, and Accademia di Belle Arti, alongside international creators and composers in residence.
2024 – Disire Lines PavilionCurating and producing four residencies for the Desire Lines project involved creating two performances and two sound installations in collaboration with Marco Juan Lavandier, Steven Uch, Max Magaldi, Pierpaolo Ovarini, Luca Ventimiglia, and Joaquin Ortega, in partnership with Proforma Gallery in Manchester, Begehungen Art Festival, and Chemnitz European Capital of Culture 2025.
2024 – Sound Engineer and Tutor for sound design course by Nicola Di Croce - IUAV University, VeniceTutoring and lecturing for the Sound Design course by Nicola Di Croce at IUAV University in Venice involved introducing students to immersive audio and various compositional techniques and approaches, while also overseeing the technical production of their final course projects.
2024 – Sound Engineer for immersive live set by Furtherset
Curated the sound engineering for the 360° live adaptation of The Infinite Hour album.

2023/2024 – Attitudes Become Sound Residency ProgramSupervision of the technical execution and artistic guidance of a residency cycle supported by Fondazione Venezia led to the production of four new immersive works and performances in collaboration with Riccardo Sellan and Pierpaolo Ovarini, Margherita D'Adamo, Alvise Sinivia, and Paul Ramage
2023 – Sound Engineer and Tutor for "Sonica Illogica" sound design course by Riccardo Benassi - IUAV University, Venice
Oversaw sound for a diverse range of performances and installations, providing both technical support and educational insights

2023 – Sound Engineer for "Aizenev Festival"
Managed sound for performances featuring William Orbit, Xantone Blacq and other artists

2023 – Music Computing Director and ComposerLed a residency program and live performance in collaboration with Alvise Sinivia, Riccardo Sellan, Arnaud Rivière and Paul Ramage, blending music computing, improvisation with composition and sound engineering for a spatial electroacoustic performance.

2023 – Tutor and Sound Engineer for "Sonica Illogica"Taught and provided sound engineering expertise at IUAV, Venice, focusing on immersive sound design, enriching students' learning experience with practical knowledge.
2023 – New Ways Prize recipient for "Aurora" premiere
Collaborated with Andrea Vecchiato on a residency and live performance in Cardiff hosted by ArcadeCampfa & Sawdust

2023 – Sound Engineer for "Mythoss" by Diana Caponi
Curated sound engineering for the sound installation exhibition

2022 – Composer for Outline srl's sound logo
Designed an evolving sound logo, combining brand identity with auditory creativity to create a never ending sonic signature.

2022– Composer for "Desire Lines" residency in ChemnitzDeveloped "Variation 1 8.1" with Marco Juan Lavandier, an evolving audiovisual installation with multichannel distribution, merging sound and visual art.

2022 – Composer for British Council International Collaboration award residency
Created a real-time evolving and spatialized piece with flutist Andrea Vecchiato, showcasing the fusion of traditional and contemporary sound techniques.

2022 – Co-curator and Sound Engineer for "Living Lab Music 9"Directed a series of workshops, talks, exhibitions, and performances with Julian Scordato and Alberto Novello, Ata Ebtekar, Paul Ramage and a team of selected artists

2022 – Co-curator and Composer for "Money Lang: loveless EX"
Engaged in sound installation, residency production, and concert with Dario Tronchin and Rainy Miller, focusing on creating an immersive sound environment that enhances the narrative of the exhibition.

2022 – Coordinator and Sound Engineer for "Proforma Pavilion"Facilitated an exhibition and performance with Flora Victorious, providing sound engineering to complement the visual and auditory elements of the event.

2022 – Composer and Sound Engineer for "Espèce d’espace"Collaborated on a residency and performance blending sound composition and engineering with Andrea Vecchiato, Paul Ramage and Alvise Sinivia.

2021 – Sound Engineer for "ABACAXI residency"Managed sound engineering for Julien Deprez's residency and concert, ensuring high-quality audio production that enhances the live music experience.
2021 – Co-curator and Sound Engineer for "Living Lab Music 8"Oversaw the artistic direction and sound engineering for an international call featuring talks and performances, fostering a platform for musical innovation in Venice.
2021 – Composer and Sound Engineer for "Sketching Sonic Trajectories"Led a workshop on sound trajectory sketching using d&b Soundscape, Max MSP, & Iannix, focusing on software development and sound design in Venice
2021 – Composer for "Les Secrets de l’Opéra"Crafted an evolving sound installation with multichannel distribution and binaural playback, in collaboration with Valeria Zane, Andrea Vecchiato, Giulia Semenzato and Paolo Bertoldo, supported by RATP and Opéra national de Paris, blending raw recordings, sound design and new pieces. 
2019 – Concert Production, Sound Engineer for "Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya"Managed the production of a concert featuring Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya in Venice.
2019 – Sound Engineer, Technical Support for "F-act Festival"Offered technical support for the F-act Festival, contributing to the seamless execution of various performances
2019 – Sound Engineer, Performance Support for "Sun & Sea (Marina): Lithuanian Pavilion" La Biennale d’Arte di Venezia Supported performances at the Lithuanian Pavilion, ensuring technical sync with the singers for the critically acclaimed operatic installation in Venice.

2019 – Sound Engineer for "Rassegna Teatrale Walk on Water / Chiara Guidi"Provided technical services for voice and cello exercises on Dante's Divine Comedy.
2019 –Collaborator, Event Production for "Proforma Pavilion: art residencies, expo & talks"Supported the production of an event showcasing art residencies, exhibitions, and talks, contributing to a platform for artistic exchange and dialogue in Venice.
2019 – Curator and Producer of "Pase Platform" (d&b Soundscape) permanent installationManaged and developed a permanent sound installation in partnership with d&b audiotechnik, Studio Zerozoro and Omri Revesz Design and BH Audio, creating an immersive auditory experience.
2019 – Producer for "Algorave workshop w/ Renick Bell"Organized and produced the Algorave workshop with Renick Bell, introducing participants to live coding performances that blend algorithmic processes with rave culture in Venice.
2019 – Co-Curator and Producer for "Venice Dust: Robert Henke"Led the project featuring a residency, talk, and concert by Robert Henke, Susanne Kirchmayr and Renick Bell in collaboration with Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana François Pinault Foundation, enhanced by cutting-edge sound technology.
2019 – Project Consultant and Coordinator for "Noiseboard development"Guided the development of the winning project "Noiseboard," a unique venture that integrated technology and sound in new ways granted by the Municipality of Venice
2019 – Composer for "L’urlo di Armida"Composed for an experimental performance blending Renaissance music with contemporary electronic sounds, supported by Ca’ Foscari University. This project bridged historical and contemporary musical expressions.
2018 – Production Consultant for "Talking stones - for a freeing architecture"Consulted on a project focused on architectural conservation and cultural heritage, in collaboration with international partners and universities. This role involved strategic planning and coordination to highlight architectural narratives and conservation efforts.
2018 – Technical Support & Event Production for "Mota Museum presents Sonica X in Venice"Provided technical support and event production for the concert, showcasing acousmatic music and performances by Giuseppe Ielasi, Dafne Vincente Sandoval, Irena Z. Tomazin, Mauricio Valdés, Ben Nathan & Matthew Robinson and Eva Geistin in collaboration with the Mota Museum. This involved managing technical requirements and event logistics.

2018 – Project Manager for OS project selected by "" at the Venice Design BiennaleManaged a collaborative project with Studio Omri Revesz Design, showcasing innovative design concepts at the Venice Design Biennale. 

2018 - 2020 – Co-Curator, Artistic Director, Producer, and Manager for " Festival"Led a vibrant 3-day festival during 3 editions of the Venice Carnival, featuring international chefs and artists. This role involved extensive planning, artist liaison, and event management, highlighting a fusion of culinary and musical arts.

2018 – Composer and performance for AdidasInvited artist for a live set at the launch of the Adidas Y-3 from the collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto at the T-Fondaco in Venice

2017-2018 – Consultant and Technical Sound Director for cultural programming at Fondaco dei TedeschiProvided consultancy and technical sound engineering for a series of cultural events and concerts, enhancing the auditory experience of diverse live performances
2017 – Production Manager for "Free is more" exhibitionManaged the technical production of a compelling opening performance for a biennale collateral exhibition in Venice. 
2017 – Consultant for "Burb: Biennale Urbana"Contributed expertise in visual identity and web development for the Biennale Urbana, enhancing its digital presence and accessibility. This role involved close collaboration with designers and developers from Studio Zerozoro to create a cohesive visual and online experience.

2016-2017 – Co-Curator of Programming and Production Consultant for "Studio Venezia: Xavier Veilhan" French Pavilion - La Biennale d’Arte di Venezia.Played a key role in curating Italian artists' programme and consulting for the French Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, under the direction of Xavier Veilhan, Christian Marclay and Lionel Bovier, showcasing a blend of art and music in a unique exhibition experience.

2016 – Composer and performer for "Youbang Campus"Performed at the Biennale collateral exhibition opening in Venice with harpist Valeria Zane. This performance combined contemporary composition from old Chinese songs with an immersive audience experience.

2016 – Curator, Developer for "Walking out of contemporary, Join the flux / open dock of experimental communication"Collaborated with Vincent Giardina, Lorenzo Romito, Andrea Curtoni, and Giulia Arcadia to develop the beta test of Biennale Urbana website. The project, done in collaboration with NERO Magazine and Istituto Svizzero, Rome, focused on experimental communication.
2015 – Composer, Performer for Wool Week expo & performance at Palais de TokyoDeveloped a sound installation performed in live, overseeing content creation and concert production.

2014-2015 – Composer for TIYG duo with Luca VentimigliaCreated a comprehensive project that included a composition, installation, and live performances. Produced three EPs published by Five Fold Records (London, GB), with premieres on Boiler Room TV and XLR8R, and broadcasted by BBC Radio 1.
2014 – Curator, Producer for Apart session w/ Charles Cohen, Rabih Beaini & Upperground Orchestra
Directed programmation, concert production and technical execution, featuring innovative performances by Charles Cohen, Rabih Beaini, and the Upperground Orchestra at Palazzo Grassi, Venice.

2014 – Curator, Producer for Call For Tape Music: John Chowning & Luigi NonoLed with Michele Del Prete, Davide Gagliardi and Valeria Zane an international call for acousmatic pieces, selecting 13 works from composers around the globe for a concert featuring acousmatic music. This event highlighted Luigi Nono's "Omaggio a Emilio Vedova" and John Chowning's "Stria," showcasing pioneering synthetic sound compositions.
2013 – Curator, Producer for Odhecaton Festival 2013Organized and produced a fusion of early and contemporary music concerts, featuring world premieres of madrigals by composers such as Ambrosini, Antignani, Del Prete, Gervasoni, Gourzi, Maestri, Motsch, Politano, Solbiati, and Yeznikian. These were performed in dialogue with works by Gesualdo da Venosa at the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, and Monteverdi's Fourth Book of Madrigals at the Basilica dei Frari, Venice.

2012 - 2013 – Composer for 'Elettrorequiem Libera Me'
Premiered at the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore dei Frari, Venice. Directed by Luigi Scaringella with sound direction by Julian Scordato, involving 80 musicians engaged in voices, grand pianos, winds, and spatialized live electronics.

2011 - 2013 – Co-Curator for Notes - Conferences and Masterclasses on Contemporary Music
Facilitated a series of concerts and seminars, enhancing the contemporary music landscape through collaborations with noted composers and musicians and institutions like the Querini Stampalia Foundation, the University of Palermo, and various prestigious venues across Venice.

2012 – Performer and Collaborator in Test#01 / work01Engaged in a multidisciplinary concert-performance at Ateneo Veneto, Venice, showcasing a blend of music, performance art and visual alongside Michele Del Prete, Davide Gagliardi, Marco Gasperini, Valeria Zane, Gianluca Giusto, Lorenzo Liuzzi, Claudio Ambrosini, Piero Bittolo Bon.

2011 - 2012 – Composer for 'Influences'Developed a compelling composition supported by IanniX technology, showcased at the 56th Venice International Festival of Contemporary Music (Biennale Musica).
2011-2012 – Designer and Marketer at PuntoVe MagazineOversaw design and marketing for a free press magazine, enriching Venice's cultural scene providing a comprehensive weekly city event calendar.
2010 - 2011 – Composer for 'Patchwork Opera'
Crafted a composition that premiered at the 55th Venice International Festival of Contemporary Music (Biennale Musica), receiving coverage from RAI Radio 3 Suite.

2008-2009 – Graphic Designer and Producer for the Planet K Catalogue, Collateral Pavillion - La Biennale d’Arte di Venezia
Participated in the collateral event of the 53rd Venice Art Biennale. Collaborated under the guidance of Emiliano Gandolfi, Orsola Casagrande, and the Exyzt Collective.