■ Skills
  • Creation, development, and management of cultural, musical, and multimedia artistic projects, including events, sound installations, and live performances.

  • Expertise in sound engineering, audio recording, production and post-production, musical composition, writing, conceptualization, graphic design, and layout.
  • Bilingual in Italian and French; 
  • Fluent in English.

■ Softwares
  • Daw / Audio Environments
    Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaper
  • Programming / Audio Coding
    Max/MSP, IanniX, ArrayCalc, R1, Ircam lab TS
  • Video Editing
    Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere
  • Audio Editinig
    Adobe Audition, Audacity
  • Office / Miscellaneus
    G-Suite, Google Colab, Office 365, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effect

■ Education
1994 2004
  • Violin - Russian Conservatory, 75016 Paris, FR
  • Piano and Orchestra - A. Mozart Conservatory, 75001 Paris, FR
2004 2009
  • Violin, Piano, Orchestra - B. Marcello Conservatory of Music, Venice, IT
  • Venice Arts High School, graduated in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Painting.
2009 2014
  • Composition and New Technologies, Electronic Music - B. Marcello Conservatory of Music, Venice

 Sound Design & Composition


Custom Sound Design for Film and Television – Crafting soundscapes and auditory environments tailored to enhance the narrative and emotional impact of films and television shows.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Soundscapes - Designing spatial audio for VR and AR experiences to create realistic and engaging virtual environments.

Video Game Audio Creation - Developing immersive sound environments, character voices, and interactive audio elements for video games across various platforms.

Sound Installation for Exhibitions and Events - Creating bespoke sound installations that enhance the atmosphere and thematic elements of exhibitions, galleries, and public spaces.

Film and Documentary Scoring - Composing original music that complements the theme and pacing of films and documentaries.

Video Game Music - Crafting thematic and adaptive music scores that enhance gameplay experience and player immersion.

Theatre and Performance Art Music - Providing compositions that support and enhance the narrative and aesthetic of live performances.

Multichannel and Spatial Music Production - Specializing in surround sound compositions that exploit spatial audio techniques to create an enveloping audio experience.

Audio Engineering & Technical Direction  

Live Sound Engineering and Mixing - Offering expert sound engineering services for concerts, festivals, and live events to ensure high-quality audio performance.

Acousmatic Concert Production - Technical direction and sound diffusion for acousmatic music events, focusing on the spatial distribution of sound.

Audio Post-Production - Providing mixing, mastering, and sound enhancement services for a variety of media formats.

Workshops and Masterclasses - Conducting educational sessions on sound design, music technology, and innovative audio solutions.

 Consulting & Project Management

Sound Art Consulting - Advising artists and organizations on integrating sound art into diverse projects and spaces.

Event and Festival Production - Offering comprehensive management and production services for music and arts festivals.

Cultural Programming Consultancy - Developing and curating programs that blend music, art, and technology for cultural events.

Innovative Sound Solutions for Branding - Creating sonic branding elements like sound logos and branded audio content.